Briefly in English

SM-viikko (The Week of Finnish Championships) brings different sports together. During the four day event, visitors will have a chance to see and experience a wide variety of sports as hundreds Finnish championship medals are being contended for in different sports.

To smaller sport organisations, SM-viikko offers a new way of working with each other. This will strengthen new forms of cooperation in the Finnish sports community and it also offers participating sports organisations an opportunity to exhibit their activities to a new audience. The concept also gives widespread visibility in the media to the participating sports. SM-viikko’s idea comes from Sweden, where the Swedish version “SM-Veckan” has been a success for several years.

The first ever Finnish SM-viikko was held in February 2016 and it drew a lot of attention as 22 different sports governing bodies signed up to be part of the event. In July 2017 there were approx. 3000 competitors in almost 30 different sports. In 2018 SM-viikko changed location from Tampere to Vantaa who hosted SM-viikko both in July 2018 and 2019. In 2020, a wintery SM-viikko was hosted in Joensuu. Due to COVID19 pandemic, SM-viikko in Salo was postponed from summer 2021 to summer 2022. The event was a huge success with record breaking number of participating sports. In 2023 SM-viikko was heading to Lahti and in 2024 Jyväskylä will be hosting the winter event.

Over the years SM-viikko has presented over 80 different sports to Finns.

SM-viikko is organized in close cooperation with the sport governing bodies and local sport clubs, Finnish Olympic Committee, Finnish national broadcasting company Yle and the host city .